ChessBase Magazine 179

ChessBase Magazine 179 (Aout - Septembre 2017).

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ChessBase Magazine 179 (Aout - Septembre 2017). Périodique sur le jeu d'échecs en anglais.
1. The world champion outplayed: Aronian analyses his win against Carlsen at Norway Chess.
2. High quality exchange sacrifice: the winner of the 2nd FIDE Grand Prix annotates his most spectacular game from Moscow: Ding Liren - Vachier Lagrave
3. „Move by Move“ with Simon Williams: deepen your knowledge of the Najdorf move by move with the world class game Ponomariov-Wojtaszek (video)
4. Classy queen trap: enjoy Aronian’s second stroke from Stavanger in Daniel King's video analysis.
5. “Reti’s mate”: in Efstratios Grivas’ FIDE Training course learn about a rare but tactically highly effective idea.
6. “No clear path to equality”: GM Postny pulls together the trends in the Queen's Gambit Accepted and comes to a critical conclusion.
7. What can you do against the Ruy Lopez Exchange Variation? Daniel King introduces you to the present state of theory (video).
8. A defensive move with diabolical hidden depths: let Rainer Knaak show you how to set the “Leonhardt Trap” in the Philidor Defence. (video)
9. Good in practice: Nadezhda Kosintseva arms you with the universal weapon universal weapon 4.e5 Nfd7 5.Nce2 against the French Steinitz Variation.
10. Hammer blow 14…Rxf3: Adhiban analyses his brilliancy against Akobian at the World Team Championship.

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  • Éditeur : Chessbase.