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DVD Chessbase Opening Encyclopedia 2021


Chessbase Opening Encyclopedia 2021, DVD Chessbase. Logiciel de base de données sur le jeu d'échecs en anglais.
Be as prepared as you can be with the new Opening Encyclopaedia 2021!

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Chessbase Opening Encyclopedia 2021, DVD Chessbase. Logiciel de base de données sur le jeu d'échecs en anglais.
Be as prepared as you can be with the new Opening Encyclopaedia 2021! Whether you would like to build up a reliable and powerful opening repertoire or you want to find new opening ideas for your existing repertoire, the Opening Encyclopaedia covers the entirety of opening theory on one DVD and is the optimal start for your opening training. Many new articles enrich current theory with new or revisited ideas.
The Encyclopaedia can help you learn openings rapidly giving you a head start against your your next opponents. Each article includes explanations and annotated games, which illustrate typical plans, to help deepen your understanding. The new Opening Encyclopaedia offers fast access to all openings. Openings are sorted via the menu by name & ECO Code for fast and easy access to your favorite openings. New: Opening Tutorials to give a quick nevertheless comprehensive overview of all established openings in order to help every chessplayer to find the best suitable opening according to personal preferences. 60 high-class opening videos are included in the Encyclopaedia 2021, from our popular ChessBase Authors. You’ll find Daniel King, Simon Williams, Yannick Pelletier, Mihail Marin, Erwin l’Ami, presenting new opening ideas clear and vividly. The number of articles in the Opening Encyclopaedia is growing – it now contains more than 1,200 and the included games database contains all games from all the opening articles. This makes the new Opening Encyclopaedia 2021 an indispensable reference for every tournament player.

• Over 7,100 opening surveys, 349 new and a lot of them revised
• 1,216 special theoretical databases – Analyses & Ideas by Grandmasters
• Over 38,400 illustrative games
• 60 opening videos (total duration: 22 hours)

Compared to the previous edition the number of opening videos has been increased by another 50 %! 60 selected videos with the most popular ChessBase authors – e.g. Daniel King, Simon Williams, Yannick Pelletier, Jan Werle, Mihail Marin, Erwin l’Ami – await you. That represents a total of over 22 hours of the best chess entertainment!
The connection between the opening tutorials and the special opening articles has also been improved: the tutorials are introductory texts on all known areas both for familiarisation for beginners as well an orientation for advanced players. Each opening is presented in the tutorials in brief. In the new addition, the tutorials now offer links to the advanced and in-depth opening articles that are available in the Opening Encyclopaedia 2021.
How can you improve your repertoire with new ideas and tricky lines? Or do you want to try something completely different? Let yourself be inspired and see which opening suits you best!
All innovations at a glance:
    Over 1,200 opening articles with professional analyses by prestigious title holders
    60 opening videos by the most popular ChessBase authors – total running time: over 22 hours
    7,127 opening surveys, 349 new, created by GM Lubomir Ftacnik
    Database with all 39,200 games from the opening articles
    Intuitive menu structure, classification by opening name, rapid and easy access

System requirements: PC with 2 GB RAM, Windows 8.1 or 10, DVD-ROM drive, ChessBase 16, 15, 14 or Fritz 17, 16, 15
Logiciel pour version PC uniquement.

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