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Lakdawala Cyrus - Tactical Training


Lakdawala Cyrus - Tactical Training est un livre en anglais sur la tactique au jeu d'échecs. Le livre comprend : cas de mats, 32 concepts combinatoires, de nombreuses positions à étudier de divers difficulté. Le chapitre final se centre sur les parties en ligne de 2020 de Magnus Carlsen et Hikaru Nakamura.

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Lakdawala Cyrus - Tactical Training

Livre en anglais sur la tactique au jeu d'échecs.

 It is hard to understate the importance of tactic ability to overall chess proficiency. Of course other elements such as a knowledge of opening play and an understanding of strategy are also important. However, it is undoubtedly the case that 99% of games are won or lost because one player either spots or overlooks a tactic. Consider your own games and just imagine how much stronger you would be if you never overlooked a tactical idea. 

The good news is that your tactical ability is not some genetically-acquired unalterable trait. Tactical ability can always be improved through the application of diligent practice. Tactical themes are repetitive. The same arrangements of pieces occur again and again and a continual study of the subtle interactions between the forces will inevitably lead to a greater sharpness in actual play.

In Tactical Training, experienced chess coach and prolific author Cyrus Lakdawala guides the reader through numerous tactical themes. Topics include:

Checkmating patterns.

The 32 major combinational concepts.

Numerous positions ranked in terms of level of difficulty.

 The final chapter focuses on a 2020 online match between Magnus Carlsen and Hikaru Nakamura, currently the top two ranked players in blitz, the form of chess where tactics predominate.

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Éditeur :Everyman Chess
Langue(s) :Anglais
Nombre de pages :494
Auteur :Cyrus Lakdawala