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Grandmaster Training Camp 1 - Calculation! Sam Shankland


Livre Grandmaster Training Camp 1 - Calculation! par Sam Shankland.

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Livre Grandmaster Training Camp 1 - Calculation! par Sam Shankland.

Grandmaster Training Camp 1 – Calculation! offers you a unique chance to participate in a training camp with Super-GM Sam Shankland, as he works through 300 problems set to him by his long-time trainer. Sam shares what he saw, what he did not see, and what he thinks about the problems and the skills needed to solve them.

This book version of Shankland's Chessable course has been extensively edited and reorganized by Quality Chess. The book is divided into six topics: Tactics, Candidates, Combinations, Endgames, Defense and Deep Calculation. The material is at the same time both accessible to club players and challenging to grandmasters. Take the chance to compare yourself with one of the strongest Grandmasters in the world!

GM Sam Shankland is the 2018 US Champion, 2016 Olympiad gold medal winner for teams and 2014 individual gold medal winner. He has played Board 1 for the US in the World Team Championship and competed with the best players in the world in Wijk aan Zee, St. Louis, Prague and elsewhere. His latest great result was reaching the Quarter-final of the 2021 World Cup.

Content :

Key to Symbols used 4
Preface 5
Introduction 7
Chapter 1 Tactics 13
Chapter 2 Candidates 25
Chapter 3 Combinations 37
Chapter 4 Endgames 49
Chapter 5 Defense 61
Chapter 6 Deep Calculation 73
Chapter 7 Solutions 85
to Chapter 1 – Tactics 86
to Chapter 2 – Candidates 128
to Chapter 3 – Combinations 168
to Chapter 4 – Endgames 204
to Chapter 5 – Defense 248
to Chapter 6 – Deep Calculation 343
Chapter 8 – Conclusion
Name Index 354

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Éditeur :Quality Chess
Auteur :Sam Shankland