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The Man Chess Made, Albert Beauregard Hodges


The Man Chess Made, Albert Beauregard Hodges

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Introduction 1 PART I. The Chess Life of Albert Beauregard Hodges 3 ONE. The Tennessee Morphy 5 TWO. Ajeeb and the Snugs 39 THREE. New York, 18901892 74 FOUR. 1893: A Year of Achievements 118 FIVE. 1894: A Year of Champions 143 SIX. 1895: A Year of Team Play 169 SEVEN. The Anglo-American Cable Matches 192 EIGHT. Domesticated Play 250 NINE. TournamentsToo Late 271 TEN. Toward an Ending 287 ELEVEN. The Final Years 323 PART II. The Chess Games of Albert Beauregard Hodges 329 Appendix A. The Chess Problems 507 Appendix B. The Match and Tournament Record 512 Appendix C. The 1897 Staats-Zeitung Cup Fiasco 515 Appendix D. Three Obituaries 518 Selected Bibliography 521 Index to Hodges Games (game numbers) 523 Index of OpeningsHodges Games (game numbers) 525 Index of ECO CodesHodges Games (game numbers) 527 Index to Others Games (pages) 529 Index of Illustrations (pages 531 General Index (pages) 533

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