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Pavlovic - The Nimzo-Indian Bible for White Volume 1


This book is about the Nimzo-Indian Classical line 4.Qc2 (also known as the Capablanca Variation) and the 4.Bd2-line, for which basically I could not find an established name.

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The Nimzo-Indian Bible for White – Volume 1 by Milos Pavlovic

• The Nimzo-Indian Defense has been one of the most trusted defenses against 1.d4.
• It combines fast development with a solid pawn structure, control over the center and great flexibility.
• This book supplies an unique repertoire built upon positional principles, offering active piece play and a fight for the initiative.
• This ground-breaking and well-structured book presents a new look at the Nimzo-Indian for White.
• Playing this opening requires a thorough positional understanding, the author shows you how to implement his new ideas in the best ways possible.
• Milos Pavlovic presents fresh ideas in the various continuations, as well as quite a few novelties and previously unknown resources for both Black and White.

As far as I know, the 4.Bd2 line has never been covered in such a comprehensive way in any book before. In the text I suggest that this line should have the combined name of Tartakower-Duchamp line because Tartakower played it often, while to my surprise Marcel Duchamp (who was also a famous French artist) played it too in the 1930s and indeed in a very good positional fashion against strong players. Some of those games are in the book.

Now this line enjoys greater popularity than ever before. About the Classical line with 4. Qc2 there is nothing much to add, except for the fact that it has become hugely popular, but unfortunately from my point of view it involves too much engine-style chess.

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Éditeur :Thinkers Publishing
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Nombre de pages :420
Auteur :Milos Pavlovic